If positivity and happiness are to become a part of the culture at your company these suggestions must be modeled, mentored and coached by the leadership team if an effective transformation of a workplace is to happen so. I also don’t want to suggest that this is all that needs to be done to build a better workplace. Designing and building a positive culture is more than any one thing although this is an easy and amazingly effective place to start. Same advice for families.

Play the Smile Game at work and at home.

  1. Within ten feet of anyone, look them in the eye and smile.
  2. Within 5 feet of someone look them in the eye, smile and say a friendly greeting.

Look for the Good.

  1. Walk around with the express purpose of catching your team members (family members) doing the right thing and praise them.
  2. Start meetings on a positive note with the Two Good Things exercise.
    1. Each person in the meeting tells the group two good things that happened to them since the last meeting.
      1. 1 thing Personal
      2. 1 thing Professional or work related
    2. Ask people short positives question for greetings instead of the old and worn out “How are you?”. Questions like:
      1. What is the best thing that happened to you since (yesterday, last week, we saw each other last)?
      2. What are you looking forward (to this week, today, this weekend)?
      3. What good things are happening for you?
      4. What are you grateful for today?
      5. Don’t let them get away with the answer ‘nothing’ or wimpy answers like “I woke up this morning” or “I made it to work today”. Gently insist that there must be something good happening in their life. Something that they are looking forward to. Help them find the good in their life initially. After a few days they will get the hint if we can stay consistent in asking for the good.

Remember, there is no down side to being more positive. When your bottom line is on the line, you can’t afford not to.

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