"Don't Wait. The Time Will Never Be Just Right."

-Napoleon Hill
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When You Want More Than Just a Motivational Speaker

What do you think of when you think of the perfect speaker? Someone who can capture the audience’s attention and hold it? A speaker that is not only highly motivational in the moment but also inspires action and follow through after the event, sparking change and transformation in people, teams and organizations? A speaker that not only tells the why and what but also teaches the “how to” solutions? A speaker who is believable, likeable and authentic? Some who walks the walk, not just talks the talk?

Good motivational speakers inspire during their time on stage. Great speakers move beyond their time on stage to inspire real change and action in their audience after the program is over.

Most speakers talk about the what. We deliver the how to: easy tools that people enjoy implementing. Stonehouse is not brain candy or fluff. We deliver meat and potatoes. . We leave behind simple, best practice tools and processes that help people achieve outstanding results in their working and personal lives. Whether you are planning a convention, company meetings, or wellness expo, Stonehouse delivers.


When your bottom line is on the line, call Stonehouse!

Keynote Topics

Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers, People Do – Stress and what to do about it

A light hearted view of a serious problem that affects everybody! Stress is the number 1 health problem in the United States, responsible for or a contributor to as much as 90 % of the doctor visits, according to health officials. Health care is the number 2 cost for business right behind employee wages. The easiest and simplest ways to take control of stress are also the very best practices for reducing or eliminating the harmful effects of stress. Although we take a light hearted view of the problem we are deadly serious about the solutions we offer which are easy, fun and incredibly effective.

20-40 Minutes


Leveraging Positive Conversations to Build Trust, Discipline and Accountability

Gallop said “To win customers and a bigger share of the marketplace, companies must first win the hearts and minds of their employees”. Research couldn’t agree more. Employee engagement isn’t just a buzz phrase, it is the new competitive advantage, the edge that allows companies to excel in excellence. That kind of engagement is not build with just t-shirts and events. Real employee engagement is built on positive relationships and by leveraging positive, planned conversations between leaders and the people that report to them that builds trust, discipline and accountability in both directions.

20-40 Minutes


The Story of Two Wolves

Timeless wisdom and important life lessons are learned through this ancient Cherokee legend. This is a powerful resource for any organization looking for a positive message that will be universally appealing, educational and entertaining. ‘The Story of Two Wolves” has an immediate positive impact on the audience and culture of their organization.

20-40 Minutes

Making Networking Pay – No Professional Visitors Allowed

One dilemma that manager have is how much networking makes sense for their business. Networking like any other business activity should be outcome and results-based. In the program we present an easy way to establish goals and outcomes for networking activity. Figure out which networking activities are paying off and which ones are only for professional visitors with no payoff.

20-40 Minutes


Emotional Self Rescue – Learn How to Let It Go

Have you ever felt hijacked or even held hostage by your emotions of feelings? Did you ever wish there was a quick and e=simple way out? Have you ever wished you had an emotional life ring you could throw to yourself or someone else? Knowing how to let go is the key. Letting go is the easy and natural thing to do that we all knew how to do as a child and unfortunately for most of us, most of us have forgotten how to do. This powerful and entertaining keynote will give participants a significant tool to help end emotional hijackings and being held hostage by your emotions. Learn how to let it go.

20-40 Minutes


Zebras and Lions in the Workplace – Leadership Lessons From the Plains of Africa

A “National Geographic” style lesson in positive leadership incorporating the drama of life on the African plain and how that relates to building high performance organizations with engaged employees and committed customers. It all starts with the leadership. Do they eat the people that report to them for lunch or treat see them as valuable and respected key players in the mission of the organization. Learn how to be a Zebra in this powerful and entertaining keynote.

20-40 Minutes


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