Living Your Values


Living Your Values helps participants identify and understand their core values and beliefs and how they influence perceptions, attitudes and behavior. Values are guideposts we use as we make decisions in our personal and professional lives. They are the principles that guide our decisions.

Living Your Values is about being able to make value-based decisions. In business and in life one of the keys to being happy and feeling fulfilled or satisfied is making important decisions based on core values.

To make value-based decisions we must know what our core values are and why they are important to us. Living Your Values will guide participants to identify their core values for themselves personally or for their business and professional lives.

Understanding our core values, what we believe and internalizing a personal code of conduct is a key to living with purpose.

Living Your Values helps people identify their core values and make better decisions in important matters.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how our core values impact our happiness and life satisfaction.
  2. Identify the core values for you and/or your business and why they are important.
  3. Learn how to make value-based decisions in business and life.

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