Keys to Being More Positive


Keys to Being More Positive provides simple and effective tools for increasing the positivity of individuals, leaders, and organizations. Using the science of Positive Psychology combined with proven best practices this workshop gives participants tools and immediately actionable ideas to increase positivity for themselves, their family and the workplace.

If we wish to build a more positive and happy workplace culture, we must create more positive people within the culture or organization. Keys to Being More Positive helps create happy, optimistic and positive people, by teaching them how to change their perceptions and their levels of happiness.

Keys to Being More Positive, fits well under the banners of leadership and employee development and is also a great fit for corporate wellness and building employee engagement. Happier employees are good for your company and bottom line!

The takeaway value for participants extends well beyond the workplace to their home and personal lives.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to apply the science of Positive Psychology to train our brains to be more positive, happy and optimistic.
  2. Discover the best tools for changing levels of positivity personally and organizationally.
  3. Leave with action plans to increase organizational and personal positivity, optimism and happiness.

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