How to Make Stress Work for You

Shining a Light on The Good Side of Stress


Part of the Stress Intelligence Series

“How to Make Stress Work for You” is all about the good side of stress and how it can help us. The newest tools in the war on stress aren’t about avoiding, reducing or eliminating stress but how can we effectively transform stress to enhance productivity and dramatically reduce stress induced mental and physical health issues.

Psychologists have pointed out that humans can’t live a life of meaning and purpose without experiencing stress and the solution, according to the psychologists, is to get good at stress. As ridiculous as that may sound on the surface, getting good at stress has a positive impact on health, attitudes, life expectancy, happiness and life satisfaction indexes. That is quite a shift from something that has also been blamed for killing us and driving as much as 80% of doctor visits in the US.

“How to Make Stress Work for You” teaches the mindset interventions and simple techniques to help people see and respond to stress differently, in a healthier and more useful way. The skill sets taught are fundamental in helping employees avoid burnout and disengagement as well as creating a greater sense of well-being.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the research on the good side of stress.
  2. Cultivate a new mindset on stress to increase performance and dramatically reduce the harmful effects of stress.
  3. Learn how to transform harmful stress to helpful stress.

The Stress Intelligence Series consists of two programs that teach people how to use stress to their advantage rather than having their stress use them. “All Stressed Up with No Place to Go” and “How to Make Stress Work for You”, are true game changers in how we deal with stress and, perhaps more importantly, what stress does to us.

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