Being Your Best Self!


Being Your Best-Self is designed to bring awareness and actionable steps to being able to function at our Best‐Self at home and at work.

We all have two selves, our Best‐Self and something less. When you ask anyone around you, your bosses, co‐workers, customers, family, kids, friends and even strangers which self they would rather see show up, the answer is always the Best‐Self. Unfortunately, that is not always the Self that shows up.

Being Your Best-Self guides each participant through a self-inventory exercise to discover their Best-Self and their less-than-best-self. Participants then learn simple tools for flipping the switch from less-than-best-self to Best-Self? As leaders, Being Your Best-Self teaches us how we can help someone on our team make the switch from less-than-best-self to Best-Self?

Being Your Best-Self is a perfect fit for high customer, client or patient contact employees and for high employee contact managers and supervisors.

In this workshop participants will:

  1. Use a simple tool to identify their own Best‐Self
  2. Learn how to recognize when we are not being our Best‐Self
  3. Discover quick and effective techniques to being our Best‐Self

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