All Stressed Up…With No Place to Go

Defusing Chronic Stress and the Harm It Does


Part of The Stress Intelligence Series

We hear about stress everywhere….

Stress is in the news, articles are written in magazines, and doctors tell us about the multitudes of medical problems caused or made worse by stress. Stress is blamed for up to 90% of our doctor visits and has become a $1 trillion-dollar health epidemic. Stress is the number one problem for business causing absenteeism, employee burnout and reduced creativity and productivity. That’s the bad side of stress.

The question is, could there be a way to reduce, neutralize, and control the negative effects of stress? The good news is, yes, there is. It’s easy to learn, simple to do and backed by evidence-based science.

“All Stressed Up… With No Place to Go?” teaches the latest, best-practice answers to “What can I do about stress?” Stress at home, stress at work, stress from anywhere. Learn how to positively defuse, reduce and counter the effects of chronic stress in your life.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the types of stress and how they affect our physical and psychological health.
  2. Discover how to reduce, neutralize, and defuse the impact of chronic stress.
  3. Leave with an immediately actionable plan to effectively reduce the effects of chronic stress on your health and well-being

The Stress Intelligence Series consists of two programs that teach people how to use stress to their advantage rather than having their stress use them. “All Stressed Up with No Place to Go” and “How to Make Stress Work for You” are true game changers in how we deal with stress and, perhaps more importantly, what stress does to us.

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