To Build Trust, Accountability and Employee Engagement

According to employee engagement expert David Lee “Employee engagement is built or damaged one conversation at a time”

Some of the most important conversations anyone in an organization has are with their immediate supervisor or manager. Those are the conversations that will build or destroy employee engagement and along with it trust and accountability.

The responsibility of building trust, accountability and employee engagement falls on each leader from the executive suite to the front-line managers and supervisors. They must be able to build rapport, trust, and engagement with each of the people who report to them.

Employee engagement is one of the key factors in building a culture that can attract and retain the most talented employees. Every HR person, owner or CEO knows the pain of losing top talent.

Smart organizations know that in addition to the monetary rewards, top talent is also looking to find their human needs met. Things like recognition, appreciation, belonging, having input, being valued, finding meaning, being heard and being cared about. It is through strategic, positive conversations that we can meet those needs and build engagement, trust, and accountability with our employees and within our cultures.

The challenge is how to do it without disrupting the apple cart.

“Leveraging Positive Conversations” teaches leaders, managers, and supervisors how to build trust, accountability and engagement by nurturing supervisor to team-member relationships and leveraging strategic, positive conversations.

That sounds like a big order and the real question is: “Can engagement, accountability, and trust be driven by positive conversations?” The answer is a resounding YES. As a matter of fact, a senior citizen community in Michigan lowered their employee turnover by over 70% in less than a year by using just one of the three tools taught in this workshop. Many organizations find they can eliminate the standard performance reviews by leveraging strategic positive conversations.

Learn by doing. This is an experiential program where attendees will practice with the tools taught. Leaders will get to experience using the strategic conversation tools to grow positive relationships that build trust, accountability, and engagement with their team members.


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