Let Go and Get Over It is a powerful interactive program that teaches simple, easy and effective tools to defuse, neutralize and process emotions and feelings. A way to help us return to being calm and emotionally controlled after being emotionally hijacked.

We have all been hijacked or held hostage by our emotions. We all know what it is like to lose our temper or become offended or anxious. We have all felt stressed, fearful, frustrated, lonely or sad at some point.

We can’t avoid experiencing unwanted, or uncomfortable emotions. That’s a part of life. As a matter of fact, the only people who don’t experience uncomfortable or unwanted feelings are dead. The rest of us have a choice, we will either learn how to productively manage and process our feelings and emotions or we will suffer with them and continue to be hijacked and held hostage by them.

How many times have we been in conversations or meetings that have escalated from safe, comfortable levels to critical levels because one or more of the participants became hijacked by emotions like anger, fear, or frustration?

How much production is lost to negative attitudes, bad moods or hurt feelings?

How many sales calls aren’t made because of fear?

Let Go and Get Over It teaches critical Emotional Intelligence skills that help people get past the emotional challenges of situations like those above.

Imagine being able to go from feeling offended, angry, frustrated, stressed, fearful, or anxious to being calm, rational and emotionally in control.

The tools taught in Let Go and Get Over It allows us to manage and process feelings in the moment and gives us the ability to positively process the old hurts and pain from the past. In other words, get rid of our emotional baggage. The tools are very portable, teachable and transferable and a perfect match for developing coaching and servant style leadership skills.

Let Go and Get Over It is an active, engaging learning program targeted to increase Emotional Intelligence skills in the areas, Self-Awareness, Self-Control, Social Awareness and Relationship Management for leaders and employees.

  • Experience a simple process for letting go of emotions
  • Discover how to get control of runaway emotions
  • Learn how to get past the past and get rid of emotional baggage


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