Do this:

The Losada Ratio: Make sure you, as a leader are creating positive interactions and feedback.

  1. Start actively looking for your team members doing the right thing and doing what they are supposed to be doing and praise them for it. Praise them verbally, in an email or a handwritten note.
  2. Remember, it is OK to praise in public and corrections and negative should always be given in private.
  3. Praise team members for thinking about doing it right.
  4. Praise the effort to do it right even if it doesn’t turn out that way.
  5. Use problems and challenges as positive learning experiences. Help your team look for the positive.

Don’t do this:

  1. Continually be in detect and correct mode. Of course, we need to look for problems and be proactive. When a problem is detected we should go about correcting it. Even the correction can be done as a positive learning experience or the equivalent of a beat down session. The leader chooses the path and outcome.
  2. Criticize, condemn or complain, especially in public. These each create a negative interrelation or feedback that will require at least three positive interactions or feedbacks to counterbalance balance the negative interaction and even more positive interactions to swing the scale positive.

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