Some days at work are going to feel like the office is on fire and you have to walk through burning hoops to get your job done. It’s these times that you’ll probably struggle the most to maintain a positive attitude. You may be good under pressure, but when the odds are stacked against you and stress is at an all-time high, chances are that you probably don’t feel like sunshine and rainbows on the inside. That’s why it’s important to learn how to embrace and maintain a positive attitude.

If having a positive attitude doesn’t come naturally to you, you may want to start out by surrounding yourself with positive individuals. Attitudes are infectious; just as it’s easy to be in a foul mood when you have coworkers on both sides that are always complaining, it’s easier to look on the bright side of things when you’re surrounded by optimistic people. You might not be able to move your cubicle, but if you notice a coworker is in the middle of a negativity spiral, it might be a good time for you to put on your headphones, excuse yourself for a coffee break, or go for a quick walk to clear your head and get back to a positive headspace.

Pay careful attention to both your thoughts and your words. Are you thinking negative thoughts? Are you saying negative things about yourself that you’d never say to someone else? Are you using negative phrases? Stop for a moment and think about your words and how they may be coming off to others. Consciously make the decision to reframe your mind and choose to think of matters in a more positive light. Be kind to both yourself and others. Think about how just one compliment can make someone’s whole day better. Now imagine if you gave out those kind compliments more often and also gave yourself some compliments. You’ll create a cycle of generosity and positivity.

The media you surround yourself with can go a long way in influencing your attitude. Choose uplifting books and music to enjoy at work and during your breaks. Read articles and watch videos that encourage your growth. If thriller novels are your guilty pleasure, try reading them only at home in your personal time, and choosing a self-improvement book for work that promotes confidence. You can even meditate for a few minutes at a time right at your desk with short videos on YouTube.

Remember, only you are in control of your emotions and the way you react. Decide ahead of time how you will respond to difficult work situations. Make note of things that make you turn to negativity, and come up with specific strategies to either prevent your mind from going that route or strategies that help you snap out of it. Whether that’s deep breathing, listening to calming music, focusing on a goal, going for a brisk walk, or repeating a positive self-affirmation, make positivity part of your daily practice.