Being Your Best-Self is designed to bring awareness and actionable steps to being able to be our Best‐Self at home and at work.

We all have two selves, our Best‐Self and something less. When you ask anyone around you, your bosses, co‐workers, customers, family, kids, friends and even strangers which self they would rather see show up, the answer is always the Best‐Self.

People performing in their Best‐Self mode are happier, more productive, more creative and more resilient. Best‐Self people foster innovation and are frequently the “A” players in organizations.

Here is the rub. In every situation, we get to choose who will show up, our Best‐Self or something less. So often, rather than making a conscious choice to have our Best‐Self show up, we react by showing up with something less. That Less‐Than‐Best‐Self might be cranky, argumentative, emotionally down, impatient, angry, abrasive, sarcastic, critical, negative or any of a seemingly endless list of Less‐Than‐Best‐Self attributes, attitudes and behaviors.

Being Your Best Self takes participants on a journey to discover themselves. Using a personal inventory exercise, they will identify what their Best-Self looks and acts like and what their less-than-best-self looks and acts like.

Upon completing the discovery process participants will learn quick, easy and effective methods for shifting from our less-than-best-self to our Best-Self.

Do your team members interact with your customers or clients? Do they interact with other employees? This workshop is designed to help ensure each one of those interactions is as positive and productive for each party as it can be. Being Your Best-Self is targeted for customer service, leadership, professional and personal development programs.

Being Your Best-Self teaches us how to make the switch from less-than-best-self to Best-Self? And, how as leaders, can we help someone on our team make the switch from less-than-best-self to Best-Self?

Being Your Best-Self is a perfect fit for high customer/client/patient contact employees and for high employee contact managers and supervisors:

  • Call Centers
  • Healthcare and Social Services Workers
  • Banks and S&L’s
  • Financial and Insurance Advisors
  • Sales Teams
  • Retail Sales
  • Distribution Centers
  • Anyone who must deal with people.

In this workshop participants will:

  1. Use a simple tool to identify their own Best‐Self
  2. Learn how to recognize when we are not being our Best‐Self
  3. Discover quick and effective techniques for shifting from our less-than-best-self to our Best‐Self

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