For Businesses and Organizations:

Today employees in many companies are under intense pressure. Many can’t tear their immediate focus away from simply surviving. Daily interactions and experience often focus on the negatives of the workplace.  Attitudes and moral can begin to slip.

Attitudes often become self-fulfilling prophesies that can impact company-wide actions, performance, relationships, sales and profits. Positive attitudes create positive actions, expectations and results.

No one enjoys being around the Johnny Raincloud’s and their impact on workplace harmony and productivity can be dramatic. Attitudes, good or bad, will infect others around them.

When people learn how to take responsibility for their attitudes, gain more control of their attitude, and become more positive, they improve the quality and balance of their personal and work life.

In the “Attitude Is …” workshop Dave Faust will share how you can use the power you have at your fingertips to positively impact your attitude as well as the attitudes of the employees around you.

Discover how to put a program of positive attitude to work in your business to create a vibrant culture.

Learn how to help your most valued resource – your employees –  eliminate victim mentality and create more positive attitudes.

The benefits will go straight to your bottom line.


For Individuals:

Our own attitude is one of the few things we have complete control over and yet most people act as if they have no control whatsoever.

Your attitude is the outward expression of your mood and thinking. More importantly, it is the inward expression of your expectations for the future.

This one workshop can change your life, your relationships, your business and your future.

In this short, fun, interactive and life changing workshop, we will explain why our attitude is so important and how to control it.  With the accompanying handouts and worksheets provided, you will receive a realistic and effective tool for taking control and changing your own attitude and suggestions to help you discover how to positively impact the attitudes of others around you at work and at home.




  • Understand the relationship between your attitude and your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.
  • Discover how to monitor and control your attitude from moment to moment.
  • Identify self-limiting beliefs that contribute to our attitudes.
  • Demonstrate a simple and effective tool for releasing or neutralizing unwanted emotions, fears, anxieties and unwanted or uncomfortable feelings.
  • Learn how to positively impact the attitudes of others.

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