All Stressed Up… With No Place to Go

Stress causes people to be less productive…which ultimately costs you money. What’s your plan?

In this workshop, you will discover how to reduce, neutralize, and control the impact of stress in your business and personal life.

We hear about stress everywhere…

Stress is in the news, articles are written in magazines, and doctors tell us about the multitudes of medical problems caused or made worse by stress. Stress is the number one issue for personal health and business according to the experts. Stress has become a $1 trillion-dollar health epidemic and its impact on businesses and people continues to increase at alarming rates. That is the bad side of stress.

Could there be a “good” side to stress that is beneficial to our health and to production at work? As a matter of fact, there is. Not all stress is bad!

As it turns out, our perception of stress as “bad” is a major contributor to creating the physical and psychological challenges stress creates. One of the most effective tools in the war on stress is not a tool to eliminate stress, it is a tool to reshape our thinking and perceptions about stress. We can effectively use stress to enhance productivity and dramatically reduce stress-induced mental and physical health issues.

The new workshop is designed to provide the latest and best answers to “What can I do about stress?” Stress at home, stress at work, stress from anywhere. Learn how to defuse, reduce and counter the effects of chronic stress in your life. Discover how to redirect our perception of stress to increase performance and counter the health issues associated with stress. Help create a culture of high-performance stress-busting people at work.

The benefits go straight to your bottom line.

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