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Stonehouse Resources was born from a desire to share the business benefits of positivity. We also recognize the challenges of the top leadership of your company. Where can a CEO turn for guidance? Advice? Insight?  How do you keep from becoming a bottleneck to essential decisions in your company? Who can help you stop making decisions in a vacuum?

The top position of a business is tough and lonely. If you’re a business owner or chief executive who wants honest (sometimes brutally honest) feedback on how to do your job better and enjoy your life more, you will want to call Stonehouse.

Stonehouse Clients

Executive Express


St Cloud School Dist 742

St. Cloud Hospital

Schlenner, Wenner & Co.

St Cloud Chamber of Commerce

Elevate for Success – I94 West Chamber of Commerce


Sherburn Co. Human Services MN

Aviation Trade Assoc.

Minnesota Public Radio

Salvation Army—St Cloud

St Cloud Federal Credit Union

Once Upon a Child

Vacuum & Sewing Center

Miller Auto

Gruber’s Quilt Shop

Rejuv Medical


Central MN Housing Partnership

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

CentraCare Health Systems

CentraCare Health Plaza

Community Adult Mental Health Initiative (CAMHI)

SHRM MN State Convention

SHRM MN South Central

MN Dept of Revenue

MN Dept of Transportation

Long Prairie Hospital

Melrose Hospital

MN Radiologic Technologists

St Cloud Bipolar Support Group

St Joseph Chamber of Commerce

St Cloud Technical College

Central MN Wellness Expo

SmartSite, Inc.

Client Testimonials

Loved it! Want more! Need More! Thank You—Excellent for all areas of life!

CentraCARE Health Systems

Great Workshop! Relevant to our mission.
MN Department of Revenue

Good help is hard to find!  I know this because I used to have a business team and we spent YEARS on training and custom staff development. What I wouldn’t have given to have met you back then.  We would have written a training program around you and your methods and rolled it out to staff!!  Should my situation someday change, I want to still be able to find you on LinkedIn. Always good to have a solid network of folks around you at all times. Never know when you might need their help!!

Laura W

Stonehouse Partners

Facetime Business Resources

FaceTime Business Resources saves business and organizations TIME and MONEY on the purchase of commercial printing, promotional products, logowear, and signage. We shop each product for you, leveraging our strong relationships with a wide network of “Producer Partners” to combine the convenience of one source with the cost savings of many. Outstanding Customer Service and Top Quality Products at Industry Low Prices…It’s what we do!

BadCat Digital Marketing

A digital marketing consultant should be your partner, helping you to further your business goals. Maybe you’re looking for new clients for a law firm or accounting firm. Maybe you need more customers at your restaurant or retail location. Or maybe you are looking for more donors for your non-profit. Your digital footprint can help or hurt you in these goals. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to achieving these goals in a digital space. From SEO to SEM to Social Media, each set of digital tools has uses and your business’s resources need to be used wisely. BadCat is the digital marketing consultancy in St. Cloud that can be an advocate for your business goals online.

NPS Services

When you are dealing with DWI/DUI charges, underage drinking or drug related crimes, the lines can become blurred when it comes to next steps in getting your life back on track. NPS Services is here to make those steps a little bit clearer. We are proud to offer the Driving with Care: Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving Safety Education Program® to individuals located in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area. NPS’s Driving With Care® facilitators have received specialized training to provide quality cognitive skills and DWI educational programming to high risk adult offenders in a community based setting.

Doctors Park Mental Health Center

At Doctors Park Mental Health Center we work with individuals struggling with mental health, loss, life transitions, and those wanting to increase their quality of life through a holistic approach.  We also work with couples, families, and children over the age of 5. Our clinicians specialize in PTSD in both children and adults, anxiety disorders, and veterans.  Our clinicians understand the impact of mental health on all aspects of life and are ready to be the ones to help every step of the way.

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