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Building People and Shaping Performance.

Our mission is to strengthen companies, build more positive workplaces, and enrich the lives of the people who own and work for them. Our passion is helping companies optimize employee performance, morale, and engagement.

Stonehouse Resources helps businesses grow and succeed through the personal success of employees. You are probably asking yourself, “What does that mean?” Any organization, your organization is your employees. We don’t think of employees as assets, we believe that employees are the organization or company. The quality of the organization is determined by the quality of its people. The quality of the people is determined by the standards of quality in the organization. There is an old saying that every manager has the team they deserve. It is also true that every company has the employees they deserve. Our purpose is to increase the quality of organizations and the quality of the people in the organization. To help build positive workplaces. To help build “Best Places to Work” companies. To do that we equip people with the tools of positive thinking, emotional intelligence, quality leadership, stress management and employee engagement. We walk and talk organizational and personal well-being as the foundation for success, resilience and growth.

Bringing Stonehouse Resources into your organization equips your employees for ongoing success, both personally and professionally, and helps to create a positive culture and direction for your business. When your bottom line is on the line, you can’t afford not to!

Authentic. Simple. Effective.

“Cowboy” Dave Faust, Founder of Stonehouse Resources
Positive, high energy, motivating, and meaty are words used to describe Dave’s hybrid speaking style. All the dynamics and energy of a top motivational speaker with one dramatic difference, it’s not all fluff. Dave is the real deal. His hallmark is not just to tell people what to do, Dave tells them how to do it. The “How-to-do-it” is huge. If you are looking for a positive, actionable and entertaining program to bring to your next company event, conference or meeting, Dave should be at the top of your list. He is funny, serious, believable, engaging and memorable. Read More.
Building more positive people and workplaces is what we are all about. Our workshops, facilitated meetings and training programs are built to better equip employees to be more resilient, more positive and more productive. We believe that balance, discipline, focus and accountability are key components of a positive workplace and the driving forces of those components are the culture and values of the organization. We equip the staff and leadership with the skills and mindsets necessary to be a high functioning organization, a best place to work. Specifically, we work in the areas of applied positive psychology, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, leadership and staff development and organizational development. The skills we teach are valuable, in high demand, enjoyable and rewarding personally and professionally to learn and master. Read More.
We are often asked “What type of coaches are you?” Our only answer is that we are hybrid coaches. Yes, we do Executive Coaching, yes we do Business Coaching and yes we do Life Coaching. We find that when we are coaching someone we deal with challenges and successes in all the areas of a person’s life. The antique paradigm of continuing to think we leave our personal lives at home when we go to work and leave our work lives at work when we go home at night is ludicrous. The “Spillover Effect” is the two-way effect of work life spilling over onto personal life and personal life spilling over into work life. Because of this fact we find ourselves in hybrid situations requiring a hybrid style of coaching to be able to help the client be successful in all areas of their life. We coach people. They can be top line executives, front line employees or individuals. Their missions are always similar, reach goals, overcome obstacles and create happiness or peace of mind. We coach to those outcomes. Read More.
Small Group Coaching and Facilitated Discussions
This is our “one-two punch” to grow culture and value. We often combine group and individual coaching at the leadership level with training programs for all staff to help equip the leadership team to be able to actively support the ideas, mindsets and tools from the training. The goal is to help the leaders build sustainable transformation by being able to model, coach and mentor the new attitudes and behaviors. Two of the tools we use, in addition to individual coaching, are small group coaching and facilitated discussions. This is where the ‘how to’ becomes actionable for the leadership teams as they become accountable and capable of supporting and sustaining the goals of the training.

Workshop Topics

All Stressed Up...With No Place To Go!


Let Go & Get Over It


I started my relationship with Dave as a way to salvage or separate a toxic business relationship and have everyone move on as best we all could. The business relationship did not work out and the separation was not only stressful, but costly as well. With everything else going on that year, Dave helped me prioritize and simplify my life. Dave’s ability to simplify how and what really matters in life was the key to me regaining the power of mental health and the ability to rationalize again. This allowed me to focus on what really mattered to me in my life and take on the rest after that.

Dan S

Beaver Island Brewing

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dave and Pam Faust of Stonehouse Resources multiple times for events they have done with the CommUNITY Adult Mental Health Initiative. Each time they have delivered a wonderful, informative presentation; all having an overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees. I feel fortunate that we have been able to have so many successful events with them and look forward to more.
Bethany O

CommUNITY Adult Mental Health Initiative

Dave is AWESOME, I was introduced to Dave when I was struggling with a work conflict that was causing me a TON of stress.  I am a Director at a fast growing company and I could barely focus on what I was supposed to be focusing on, due to a stressful work relationship.  Thanks to my morning phone sessions with Dave I was able to work through my stress, come up with techniques on how to deal with stress when it arises and I also started to become cognizant of what triggers were causing my stress.  I would recommend Dave to anyone that needs help dealing with work conflict or stress.  Dave does a great job a listening, offering good advice and also has a lighthearted sense of humor that helps in stressful situations .  Thank you Dave for all you did to help me through this.  Because of your help I survived, grew tremendously personally and professionally, and came out on the other side better than I went in.

Jessica Metcalf

Director of Sales & Marketing Thomsen Homes, LLC

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