"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

-John F. Kennedy
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Training Programs

Our training sessions and workshops are designed to address some of the most common problems found in the workplace: Stress, Negativity, Personal Issues, Team Dysfunction, and overall Bad Attitudes. When Stonehouse Resources conducts training, it is about creating long-term, lasting change within your organization to build optimism and encourage your employees and leadership team to learn and grow.

Typically, our training sessions and workshops are either a weekly series, day-long, or multi-day event for your employees. We are happy to modify the timing to fit your business’s needs.

Since 2005 we have been passionate about helping companies create and maintain positive workplace environments with happier, more engaged employees who achieve higher levels of performance, creativity, and profitability. Dave Faust is an engaging and entertaining presenter with the excitement of a motivational speaker and the content of a college professor.

When your bottom line is on the line, call Stonehouse!

Program Topics

All Stressed Up With No Place to Go

We hear about stress everywhere…

Stress is in the news, articles are written in magazines, and doctors tell us about the multitudes of medical problems caused or made worse by stress. Stress is the number one problem for business and stress has become a $1 trillion-dollar health epidemic. That’s the bad side of stress.

Could there be a “good” side to stress that is beneficial to our health and to production at work? As a matter of fact, there is. Not all stress is bad!

The new workshop provides the latest best answers to “What can I do about stress?” Stress at home, stress at work, stress from anywhere. Learn how to positively defuse, reduce and counter the effects of chronic stress in your life. Help create a culture of high performance stress busting people at work.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the types of stress and how they affect our physical and psychological health.

Learn how to manage, neutralize and counter the effects of chronic stress on our health using two best practice tools

Discover how to effectively change your perspective on stress to increase personal performance through stress and dramatically reduce the harmful effects of stress on health.

Let Go and Get Over It!

Let Go and Get Over It is a powerful interactive workshop that teaches simple, easy and effective tools to defuse, neutralize and process emotions and feelings. A way to help return us to a calm, and emotionally controlled state.

We have all been hijacked or held hostage by our emotions. We all know what it is like to lose our temper or become offended or anxious. We have all felt stressed, fearful, frustrated, lonely or sad at some point.

The tools taught in Let Go and Get Over It allows us to manage and process feelings in the moment and gives us the ability to positively process the old hurts and pain from the past. In other words, get rid of our emotional baggage. The Emotional Intelligence skills taught are very portable, teachable and transferable. They are a perfect match for developing coaching and servant style leadership skills.

  • Experience a simple process for letting go of emotions
  • Discover how to get control of runaway emotions
  • Learn how to get past the past and get rid of emotional baggage

Keys to Being More Positive

Keys to Being More Positive provides simple and effective tools for increasing the positivity of individuals, leaders, and organizations. Using the science of Positive Psychology combined with proven best practices this workshop gives participants tools and immediately actionable ideas to increase positivity for themselves, their family and the workplace.

If we wish to build a more positive and happy workplace culture, we must create more positive people within the culture or organization. Keys to Being More Positive helps create happy, optimistic and positive people, by teaching them how to change their perceptions and their levels of happiness.

Keys to Being More Positive, fits well under the banners of leadership and employee development and is also a great fit for corporate wellness and building employee engagement. Happier employees are good for your company and bottom line!

The takeaway value for participants extends well beyond the workplace to their home and personal lives.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to apply the science of Positive Psychology to train our brains to be more positive, happy and optimistic.
  2. Discover the best tools for changing levels of positivity personally and organizationally.
  3. Leave with action plans to increase organizational and personal positivity, optimism and happiness.

Being Your Best Self!

Being Your Best-Self is designed to bring awareness and actionable steps to being able to function at our Best‐Self at home and at work.

We all have two selves, our Best‐Self and something less. When you ask anyone around you, your bosses, co‐workers, customers, family, kids, friends and even strangers which self they would rather see show up, the answer is always the Best‐Self. Unfortunately, that is not always the Self that shows up.

Being Your Best-Self guides each participant through a self-inventory exercise to discover their Best-Self and their less-than-best-self. Participants then learn simple tools for flipping the switch from less-than-best-self to Best-Self? As leaders, Being Your Best-Self teaches us how we can help someone on our team make the switch from less-than-best-self to Best-Self?

Being Your Best-Self is a perfect fit for high customer, client or patient contact employees and for high employee contact managers and supervisors.

In this workshop participants will:

  1. Use a simple tool to identify their own Best‐Self
  2. Learn how to recognize when we are not being our Best‐Self
  3. Discover quick and effective techniques to being our Best‐Self

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Leveraging Positive Conversations

According to employee engagement expert David Lee. “Employee engagement is built or damaged one conversation at a time”

“Leveraging Positive Conversations” teaches leaders how to build trust, accountability, and engagement within their teams by nurturing supervisor to team-member relationships using strategic and positive conversations.

That sounds like a big order and the real question is: “Can it really be done with positive conversations?” The answer is a resounding yes. As a matter of fact, one senior citizen community in Michigan lowered their employee turnover by over 70% in less than a year by using just one of the processes taught by Dave in this workshop.

Learn by doing! This is a very experiential workshop where attendees will practice and participate in the processes taught. Leaders will experience using strategic conversation tools to grow positive relationships and build trust, accountability, and engagement with their team members.

Hope to see you there.

Attitude Schmattitude

Attitude is everything! Learn how to take charge of your attitude and change it as easily as flipping a switch.

This workshop shares a realistic and effective tool for taking control and changing our own attitude. Participants will also leave with suggestions to help discover how to impact the attitudes of others around you at work and at home.

Change Your Thinking…Change Your Life!

If you’re sick and tired of being Sick and Tired, this workshop is for you. This fun and life changing workshop teaches people how to use the Law of Attraction to attract more of what they want and less of what they don’t want. Participants will discover a simple three step method for applying the Law of Attraction to their lives and be given simple but effective tools to put the Law of Attraction in action right away!

Living Your Values

This workshop will help participants identify and understand their core values and beliefs and how they influence perceptions, attitudes and behavior. Values are guideposts we use as we make decisions in our personal and professional life. Under- standing our core values, what we believe and internalizing a personal code of conduct will help when making decisions rather than living by default!

You will become a stronger leader!

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